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  • Congratulations on a GREAT 2019 season!
    Congratulations on a GREAT 2019 season!
    Total kids running: 128
    Total Laps Ran: 13,116
    Total Miles: 3,279

    Top Runners:
    Sabrina Portillo 513 laps 128.25 miles
    Corbyn Gillespie 494 laps 123.25 miles

    See you next year and.........keep on running Eagles!

Our Mission
Our Mission
The purpose of CES Running Club is to give students an opportunity to excercise and have fun with friends. Our goal is to encourage students to set and reach goals using Running as a healthy, fun activity. Any Questions? Contact Nancy Bailey @ 575-3414 or at
Running Club Head Coach
Running Club Head Coach
Mrs.Bailey is the Head Coach of CES Running Club. Questions or comments regarding the Club should be directed to, or 775-575-3414 extension 20906.